About Our Company


For a company which never tolerate high pressure sales techniques, we are 40% cheaper than our nearest competitor. We are the only kitchen company that can say - We dont even ask you to pay for your kitchen until after it’s been delivered! And we even offer a totally free of charge delivery service.

Durability and details interpret in how we manage edging systems which only uses PVC edging tape which is five times thicker than paper edging tape that most of our competitors use. Every single kitchen cabinet component is edged all around unlike most other companies that only edge the visible parts.

Service Overview

A design survey can give you and accurate idea of what is achievable in your unique kitchen space with minimum alterations. Try our free design survey from a professional kitchen expert to help you find the right mix of styles, materials and colours to suit your requirements.

A designer will typically:
  • Will attend a booked appointment at your home
  • They will sit and take in to consideration your budget and wishes
  • Draw up a draft design with your ideas
  • Discuss suitable times with you for delivery and fitting
  • Take full measurements of the space given for new kitchen
  • Order your new kitchen and materials

We will plan a survey at a time that suits you and give you a full design and quotation meeting your requirements and needs there on the day.

We send out a skilled and experienced designer to meet all your needs. So even if you have awkward shaped entrances, corners, ceilings and floors we will get the design perfect for you.

Deposit Information

All that we require from you is a small deposit of £100 once you are satisfied with your kitchen design. This payment will secure your order, then one of our delivery team will contact you to see when it is suitable for your kitchen to be delivered. Once your kitchen has been delivered feel free to double check your products and only once you are completely satisfied will you pay the remaining balance.